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Flora and Fauna

Wildlife and Plants of the Area

Your Knowledge and Help Is Always Appreciated

Over the next two years we hope to gather together as much information about the wildlife around the Kirkton Graveyard as possible. We will be looking at both plants and animals and hope to post photographs and information on to this page. If you spot an animal or plant that we do not have listed, please tell us, a photograph would be fantastic.

Yew Tree

Yew Tree

Taxus baccato alsoknown as the English or European Yew.

This is a small to medium sized tree growing to 10-20 metres,but can raech up to 28m in hight, the seed within the red berry is popular with blackbirds and thrushes. The Yew is a long lived tree and can reach 400-600 years old.The tree at Fortingall in Perthshire is reported to be 2000 years old. The Yew tree was held in high regard in the Celtic world having religious and medicinal significance. Our yew trees  are not of a great age and are thought to be about ? years old.


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