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Interment Survey 2015

2015 Survey and Compilation of Monumental Inscriptions

The survey carried out in May 2015 located and photographed all of the headstones.

This latest survey has been correlated with three separate and earlier inscription surveys. 

The inscription surveys are detailed as follows:

⦁    Monumental inscriptions extracted from the notes and survey undertaken by J and S. Mitchell in 1972. These can be read in conjunction with a diagrammatic numbered plan.

⦁    Monumental inscriptions produced and extracted from the Burntisland & St Columba’s Monumental Inscriptions CD (copyright of Scottish Monumental Inscriptions) dated 2008/2009. Reference is made to the Inscriptions Index of the Old Kirkton Churchyard - Burntisland 1763 – 1936.  Each of the headstones were photographed and cross referenced numerically to the inscription details. There is no plan

⦁    Monumental inscriptions extracted from the Fife Family History Society Journal in 2011. These inscriptions start by the entrance gate, along the wall. There is no index and no plan for the recording.

  • Index [ view ]
  • 2015 Survey of Graves [ view ]
  • Interment Records 1872-1874 [ view ]
  • Graveyard Plan [ view ]
  • Lost Gravestones [ view ]

Scottish Monumental Inscriptions 2008/2009 

NOT FOUND in 2015

Photo    Inscription

20.    (K) In memory of Fanny Wemyss d. 30.11.185*

31.    (K) When we asunder part it gives us inward pain but we shall still be joined in heart and hope to meet again

51.    (K) A. Blair STUMP     52.    (K) W. McLalan

63.    (K) In memory of Janet Isabella Milne their beloved daughter of James Milne and Isabella Leslie and grand daughter of Andrew Leslie and Janet Livingstone, she d. 27.6.1854 aged 22

64.    (K) The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. James Milne d. 12.11.1862 aged 74 and Isabella Leslie widow of James Milne and daughter of Andrew Leslie and Janet Livingston d. 21.8.1878 aged 88y

Fife Family History Society Journal dated spring 2011. 

NOT FOUND in 2015

06 [small] AM MH    009 [small, underneath tree] J Corley    020 [small) I ST    

029 [small] IN    037 [small] RA    038 [small] JB    039 [small) lB    040 [small] WI

045 [small] W McLalan    077 [small] Thomas Wilson    083 [small] JW

088 [small) J Kellock    099 [small] AI JL

100 [broken] In memory of Fanny Wemyss who died 30 November 1852 103 [small] Mackenzie

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