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The Young Family

Genealogical Data

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William Young of Grange [William Young #1] (c1745-1831)

Married twice: (1) Margaret Gulland; (2) in 1784, Helen Simson/Simpson (c1748-1821) (also appears on some certificates as Sinclair, unless he was married three times). Helen Simson was related by marriage to the Rev Thomas Chalmers, a family link which was later complemented by the marriage of Robert (see below).

Children of William Young #1:

  • Margaret (1771-1838), married Rev James Thomson of Pathhead.
  • John [John Young #1] (c1772-1847), Colinswell, married Jane Buchanan (c1786-1866, died in Edinburgh). They had a prenuptial agreement. No children.
  • May (c1775-1838).
  • Robert (1777-1860, died at Colinswell), Colinswell, married Anne Chalmers (b1820) in 1844. Anne Chalmers was the niece of the Rev Thomas Chalmers - i.e. the daughter of Thomas's brother, Dr Alexander Chalmers of Kirkcaldy, and his wife, Helen Pratt. Helen may well have been the sister of Thomas's wife, Grace Pratt.

Children:         Helen Chalmers (b1845).

Robert William (b1849).

Margaret Anne Gulland (b1851).

  • George (c1778-1848), Merchant in Leith, unmarried.
  • Janet/Jess (b1781, dead by 1852), married Alexander Stoddart.
  • Thomas (b1785 dead by 1855), Merchant in Leith, married Mary Wallace. (Was he the Dr Thomas Young of Rosetta referred to in the second inventory of Joseph Young? Scotlandspeople wills has "Young Thomas, 23/03/1836, Esquire of Rosetta, Inventory, Trust Disposition and Settlement, Testa Peebles Sheriff Court SC42/20/3". Rosetta Caravan Park at Peebles is apparently in the grounds of a substantial 19th century house.)

Children:        William Simson/Simpson (c1823-1865, died at Grange House), Merchant, married Euphemia Hill.




  • William, of Dunearn [William Young #2] (1786-1855), married Mary Purvis (1796-1857, born Lancashire, died Newbigging) in 1819.

Children:           William [William Young #3] (1821-1854), unmarried.

Joseph (c1825-1864), unmarried.

John [John Young #2] (1831-1858), unmarried.

  • Helen/Nellie (1788-1862), independent means, High Street, unmarried.
  • Elizabeth/Betsy (c1789-1865), independent means, High Street, unmarried.


(with considerable assistance from John Burnett)

14 March 2008 (subsequently updated)

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