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Lammas Day

August 1540

Lammas Festival at The Kirkton August 1540

Lammas Festival at The Kirkton August 1540

Lammas meaning the Mass of the Loaf, is the first of the year’s Harvest Festivals. It was a time of celebration, of gathering the first fruits of the year and of ending and renewing contracts.

This scene represents the Kirkton in the year that Burntisland received its first Charter from James V.

The Guilds of the town have arranged for their members to set up booths, people from the surrounding land come to sell their produce, it is a time of celebration.

Peter Durie, kinsman of George Durie, Abbot and Commendator of Dunfermline, is with his wife Matilda talking to the priest at the church door. Alexander Orrock of Silliebawbie, Mintmaster of Scotland, can be seen talking to his cousin Robert Orrock, recently appointed King’s Master of Works at Burntisland.

A rich variety of commerce is being conducted, a woman leaning on the church wall is selling new season vegetables, fresh fish is being offered at the front. Entertainment is provided by two travelling musicians. A sheep is being lead for quick despatch by the fleshers. Blades are being sharpened and broth offered to the hungry. Refreshment is provided by the maltsman and his wife. Horses are being sold and hunting dogs offered. 

Prints Available

Prints of this specially commissioned work are available from Burntisland Heritage Trust.

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